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California Consultants is a company born of the need, due to the emerging demands of energy, sustainability and functionality of both residential and commercial structures, coupled with high rate of water infiltration litigation. Building science, codes and requirements are rapidly evolving requiring builders and architects to retain expert guidance.

California Consultants uses our knowledge and experience from years of ?legal and forensic? cases to bring expertise to your project and introduce a balanced and systematic approach to the entire water management system and a proper integration of all components.

Our forensic experience in handling warranties in the legal arena provides our customers with a unique opportunity and insures the functionality of our recommendations as well as the effectiveness of the intended warranties.

We Proudly Offer:

  • Consulting
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Often the construction industry looks at each component as separate systems and the compatibility of the materials and warranty requirements are overlooked. California Consultants unique global system approach to the enclosure recommendations insures a total and complete water management system designed for the specific needs. Considerations for recommendations include but are not limited to:

  • Orientation (Solar Gain)
  • Permeability (Walls must dry out due to building occupancy and …)
  • Elevation (Enclosure may require higher pressure ratings….)
  • Geographic Location (High Wind velocity, Marine Environment, Moisture and Corrosion..)
  • Construction Types (Wood, Concrete, Steel …May require different Systems….)
  • Soils Conditions (Underground Water Table, Drainage Capacity….)
  • Fenestration and Utility Breaches (Is the installation as water Resistant as the product?...)
  • Compatibility (Materials that come in contact with one another must be tested for chemical and adhesion compatibility….)
  • Warranties (Are they truly in affect?  Often there are conflicts with warranty requirements as different where different components and materials meet…)
  • Title 24 and Energy Analysis (Thermal, Energy and Ventilation Requirements….)
  • Code Analysis

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